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  1. How do I contact Jewells Medical Centre?
  2. Can I make contact via email?
  3. Can I call to find out the results of tests that I have had?
  4. I have feedback or need to make a complaint, how should I do this?

1.   How do I contact Jewells Medical Centre?

We prefer communication by telephone on 4948 6266. Our highly trained and skilled reception staff are the best point of contact if you have an enquiry. They will assist you with facilitating your communication with your doctor if needed, or may be able to help you directly. 

Please note that we do not communicate via email, due to the difficulties of safely communicating medically sensitive information by this medium. 

2.   Can I make contact via email?

We do have a practice email but this is only for communication of matters relevant to the running of the practice, and for enquiries of a general nature. 

We are unable to communicate with our patients via email about health related matters. 

3.   Can I call to find out the results of tests that I have had?

During your appointment, it is likely that your doctor will discuss with you how to obtain your results of ordered tests and how to discuss the meaning of these results. 

If your doctor has recommended that you see them to follow up from your consultation, it is very important to do so as there will be reasons that further review by your doctor is important. For example your initial consultation and test results might not find the solution to your health issue, and further work with your doctor will be required. It is important not to assume that a "normal result" means "everything is ok", as the test in question will be limited to looking generally at only one thing. 

If your doctor has advised that it is ok to call us for your results, then they will type a comment on your file that our receptionist is able to read to you when you call. If any further detail or discussion is required beyond this information, it is important to make a follow up appointment to go over this with your doctor. 

It is preferable to call after 2pm on Monday to Friday, or after 9am on Saturday if you wish to obtain results over the telephone, so that our receptionist has more time to attend to your call. 

Please note that we will actively seek to contact you if there is a result we receive of an important nature, often this will mean we may call you and ask for an appointment to be made with your doctor. This is important to ensure your health is looked after as best as we can in a timely manner. 

4.   I have feedback or need to make a complaint, how should I do this?

We periodically ask patients to complete a questionnaire on their view of the practice and how it could be improved. These surveys are confidential and help us improve our services.

If you are unhappy with any aspect of your care we would like to be informed. Please speak with your Doctor or our Practice Manager, or use our suggestion box located on our front desk. 

If you are not satisfied with our response and you feel it necessary to take the matter further, you may prefer to contact the Health Care Complaints Commission on 1800 043 159